1976 Browning FN 140A-BDA 380 Pistol - .380 ACP

Beautiful Browning Made in Italy

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Hi, my name is and I'm interested in this 1976 Browning Handgun FN 140A-BDA 380 Pistol - .380 ACP . I'm in the area and you can reach me at or by phone at

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USED - FN 140A-BDA 380 Pistol - .380 ACP

The FN 140DA/Browning BDA 380 is a semi-automatic firearm. The principle of operation is based on the recoil of the free lock. Self-cocking valve trigger mechanism.

The frame is aluminum but the slide is steel. The handgrips are wood. The BDA 380 like the larger versions features a double/single action trigger mechanism. The magazine capacity in .380 ACP is 13 rounds

Adjustable fuse. Fuse wing on the left side of the lock. After firing the last round, the slide stops in the rear position. The outer latch is located on the upper left side of the grip.

The FN 140DA is fed from a removable, two-row box magazine with a capacity of 13 (7.65 mm) or 12 (9 mm) cartridges, placed in the grip. The magazine release button is located behind the trigger guard.

The 140DA comes with a threaded barrel. Mechanical, fixed sights (front sight and rear sight).

Beretta did not sell this pistols under its own brand. Instead, the .380 variants by Beretta were sold as Browning BDA 380 by Browning Arms Company for the North American markets. The Beretta/Browning models are distinguished by its markings, with right side of the slide being marked "Fabrique National Herstal" with the FN logo followed by "Made in Italy", and the left side of the slide has markings "Browning Arms Co. Morgan Utah & Montreal, P.Q.

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    1976 Browning FN 140A-BDA 380 Pistol - .380 ACP
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