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Welcome to Harsh Outdoors, where the variety of outdoors and  powersports products is second to none. At Harsh Outdoors we hope and strive to exceed your "customer service" expectations. We're happy to help you find either the perfect recreational vehicle or the power equipment just right for the job. Check out our catalogs to see what we have. If you need help in making your selection,  call or stop in—we're always ready to help!

Harsh Outdoors is conveniently located in Eaton, CO. Harsh Outdoors can provide you with the latest and best in powersports products and outdoor equipment to make the most of your outdoor or off-grid living. From the most recent in ATV or  Golf Cart technology to the hottest new  snowmobiles, we can help you find the recreational vehicle that’s made for you. Combined this wide array of selections with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and we're convinced Harsh Outdoors will become your only stop for all of your powersports and  power equipment needs.

Who is Harsh Outdoors?

We are an extension of Harsh International, Inc., a very well known manufacturing company that had been created and continued on to be managed and run by proud military veterans since 1948. Bud Harsh built this from scratch and Andy Brown took on the task to continue the legacy of constant and everlasting improvement to build the best and offer products and service beyond expectation. The extension of Harsh Outdoors happened out of necessity, to offer our brand of support in many other areas that just haven’t been nurtured with the same care and respect. A select team was put together based on the Harsh Values and meticulously built a plan to support the Outdoor Enthusiast. When putting this team together an interesting question was posed. “why do you want to do this man, plenty of folks out there offering similar and the rewards can’t be much?” What came to mind was a movie spot from the movie Black Hawk Down where Hoot answered the question perfectly. He said, “…… they won’t understand why we do it. They won’t understand that it’s about the person next to you, and that’s it. That’s all it is…”

We have a superior team here at Harsh Outdoors and are committed to ensuring not only your satisfaction, but also our success (which we all know are one in the same). You don’t have to have been part of a Seal Team effort to have the opportunity to be a part of something valuable. We look forward to being the person next to you…

Latest Reviews

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Brian Romansik
The team at Harsh was very warm, knowledgeable and eager to help. No high pressure sales or upselling, just got me exactly what I was looking for and learned some new things along the way. (Employee: Mike Tracy)
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Jim Crandall
Excellent Service
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Dallas Vammer
My experience here has been that the staff are very helpful, friendly and a pleasure to do business with! Steve is my go-to guy for anything I need and never disappoints! (Employee: Steve Kanten, Sydney Lamb)
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Paul Mansur
Harsh Outdoors has always been a fun place to shop, friendly sales folks and good prices. I look forward to stopping by on my next trip.
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The folks at Harsh are bunch of totally awesome folks. Friendly top notch very trustworthy. Very knowledgeable from top to bottom
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Russ Beck
I am very happy with my ATV purchases both new and used. Every ATV I've bought from them has exceeded my expectations. The sales and service department is easy to work with and they are always friendly and quickly answer any questions or concerns I have. I will continue to purchase all of my ATVs from them! I highly recommend.
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Ray Mondragon
These guys are the best kept secret in Northern Colorado for all your outdoor needs. They have everything from survival gear to lawn and garden equipment to Powersports toys. Every time I've been in the store they take great care of me. (Employee: Jim Brown)
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Ed David
Harsh Motor Sports Listens!! All their questions regarding your purchase or probable purchases will give them the info they need accompanied by their extreme knowledge. You will walk out knowing you have a go to team with your best interest at heart! Their firearms team is extremely knowledgeable and interactive with their clients...from the first time you step in your more than a shopper, your a friend hanging out who happens to buy firearm. (Employee: Jim Brown, Steve Kanten, Jill Martin)
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Ralph Baldwin
Had problem finding someone to work on my snow blower and was told to go to Harsh Outdoors and so happy I did. Mile Tracy was great to work with and I got my repair made in a timely matter and problem is fixed. Highly recommend Harsh Outdoors. (Employee: Mike Tracy)
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Holly Bernhardt
Staff are very knowledgeable and attentive. Great selection of products, they have all my favorite things (coffee, chainsaws and guns) in one store!
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