2022 Argo J5 Integrator

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2022 Argo® J5 Integrator

The Argo J5 Integrator UGV is designed for the most demanding off-road, autonomous applications requiring a compact platform. Ready out of the box for your autonomy kit to interface with, the J5 features 4x4 skid steer traction, electric drive train, and amphibious capabilities; optional Lead Acid battery capacity up to 4.75kWh. The J5 Integrator features a unique passive articulated suspension, allowing the J5 to traverse nearly any terrain. The center body portion features a flat deck and optional supports for payload mounting. Integrating with the J5 is straightforward with its standardized CAN interfaces.

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Derived from over half a century of Argo’s research and development within the amphibious sector, the ARGO J5 Integrator features our sealed body technology that houses the environmentally protected electronic drivetrain and on-board operating components. Allowing the machine to be fully amphibious, the recognized sealed body is critical when being exposed to the hazardous nature of differentiated applications.


Encompassing the Go Anywhere mantra that has been customary to the ARGO brand since 1962, the J5 Integrator carries the ARGO badge as an amphibious machine. Rated for a water fording depth of 18”, the J5 Integrator takes the edge on the competition wielding its amphibious capabilities.


The ARGO J5 Integrator can be put into free-wheel mode disengaging the automatic parking brakes and allowing the machine to be pushed or towed at a max speed of 25 MPH.


The geometric passive suspension pivots off the opposing side as it encounters changes in the grounds surface. By pivoting on its mounting point, the suspension provides an immediate response while the wheels move relative to the body. Optimized for autonomous off-road applications, the geometric passive suspension allows the ARGO J5 Integrator to maneuver effortlessly in unruly terrain.


Given the ability to maintain a consistent footprint on all surfaces, the 4x4 skid steering traction turns all wheels simultaneously while providing the machine with zero turn capabilities in a skid steer fashion. This dynamic pairing provides steadfast traction and nimble performance essential for autonomous applications.


Essential for remote operation, the ARGO J5 Integrator is comprised of electronic components alleviating routine maintenance intervals and unwanted downtime. Cleaner and more efficient than petroleum-based drivetrains, the J5 Integrator proves to be a reliable option for autonomous applications.


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