2022 Argo Aurora 850 SX Responder

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2022 Argo® Aurora 850 SX Responder

The call just came in. Time is of the essence. The Aurora Responder XTV is designed to safely perform in emergency situations. From broken legs on the slopes to broken hearts in natural disasters, the reliable 850 V-Twin engine gives you the power and rugged stability with its built-in stretcher mount to achieve successful rescues. Plus, the new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) technology complements the Admiral transmission with ARGO Progressive Steering for a smooth and comfortable ride.

At ARGO, we’d like to thank the heroic men and women who risk their lives every day to save others and we’re proud to support their bravery.

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Legendary. Respected. Proven. This dependable 4-stroke big block V-Twin engine is built to never let you down. With 33HP and torque for days, the 850 fan-cooled engine has what it takes to get you over the hills, through the woods and across the water.


The new ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) dramatically improves low-end torque and increases acceleration. The new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) is designed to provide the optimal gear ratio shifting seamlessly throughout the full range to utilize the massive torque and power of our engines.

Coupling the new Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) with our Admiral or Classic transmission will increase the torque by 28% compared to our previous clutches with a High Torque (HT) transmission and will increase acceleration by 25% compared to our previous clutches with a Standard Torque (ST) transmission, providing you with increased torque and acceleration into one package.


The Admiral transmission with ARGO Progressive Steering (APS) is an innovation in braking force application to the transmission steering differential. By adding a spring element between the handlebars and the brake system, we have achieved a progressive dual-rate steering system.


To ensure comfort for the operator and passengers, heat-reflective and absorptive material is integrated into the firewall. A composite exhaust shroud goes one step further and effectively redirects heat while producing a subtle note from the exhaust.


ARGO signature AirLock' steel rims allow operators to adjust tire pressure to the terrain. The AirLock feature keeps the tire firmly fixed to the rim in rugged terrain while providing a 30% smoother ride.


The Aurora Responder delivers hope in the face of life and death situations to save lives in challenging and remote locations. These brave warriors are equipped with split seats to provide flexible passenger seating arrangements for any rescue mission. Be safe out there.


The Aurora Responder Series is designed for reliable off-road search and rescue. Equipped for emergencies, a EMS stretcher mount is installed onto the Aurora Responder to allow crew members to rear-load stretchers. Head out brave and come home safe.


Yes, this XTV floats. The one-piece amphibious lower body is the signature ARGO design feature. Its smooth, durable underbody floats over potential snags, stumps and outcrops, as well as swamps and water.


Pulling power for when you need it most. The 3,500-lb WARN winch mounts on the front of your ARGO brushguard to assist with high-angle extractions of equipment or debris.


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